Donkey Kong 64 3D

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User Info: Der_Bear

7 years ago#1
I would buy the **** out of that. I'm pretty sure Rareware can still make portable Nintendo games (DKR:DS), so this should work.

User Info: nayr626

7 years ago#2
Microsoft wouldn't let them.
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User Info: GanonPwnage

7 years ago#3
That just MIGHT happen, considering some DK stuff popped out of that 3DS in the trailer. Plus, there's an image of DK playing what could be a 3DS on Retro's website.

User Info: Der_Bear

7 years ago#4
Why did they let them make Diddy Kong Racing DS?

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#5
I think they still might be able to do it. I mean, they own the rights to DK and probably to DK64.
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User Info: Kayube

7 years ago#6
They can. Microsoft doesn't have a portable system so they're not competing in that area.
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User Info: GanonPwnage

7 years ago#7
"Microsoft wouldn't let them."

User Info: ohnooooo

7 years ago#8
this is what i thinkof this OBJECTION stuff:
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User Info: plagamesforeva

7 years ago#9
who cares if RARE can't make DKC64, Nintendo moved on and got Retro to make Donkey Kong Country Returns for the Wii and it's possible that DKC64 will make it as a port to the 3DS.
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User Info: GanonPwnage

7 years ago#10
Obviously you haven't played Phoenix Wright, for if you had, the sheer power of that one word would be clear to you.
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