Which 3DS bundle would be better..

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User Info: MajorRage

7 years ago#11
.....and then make a skin coat when they've been fed enough....
Playing "football" w/ hands, Bush elected into office (twice!), non-metric system, toothless gun carrying idiots. Oh yeah, we got our **** together...

User Info: GamerJM

7 years ago#12
2, as long as I can sell the games back. I don't want SSFIV (I dun like Street Fighter, Dead or Alive 3DS would be a better bundle IMO), and I'm kind of iffy on OoT 3D.
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User Info: Fruitloops89

7 years ago#13
System, Kid Icarus, popular family movie just released at the time of 3DS launch
Playing: SMT:Strange Journey, Final Fantasy 13, Castlevania Chronicles
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