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User Info: scigeek101

7 years ago#1
So now that Nintendo has developed a 3d device without the need for glasses. How long do you think it will be before fully 3d holographic displays will be marketable.

User Info: Ryvell

7 years ago#2
Not even remotely close to the same thing.

User Info: Majora006

7 years ago#3
Actually, it shouldn't take to long. I'm being honest and realistic here. I think we can expect to see for hologram games around the year 2591

User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#4
We have to give apple time to top thiis.
I bet they're pissed they couldnt do this first..
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User Info: Omunall

7 years ago#5
Yeah, i thought that this was getting a step closer toward the tech needed to make holographic projection...but then i read up on what it does do. It gives a sense of depth, which is a huge step...but it's more like looking at holographic card tech from the 90's, but putting it in a screen with real time movement. It's quite impressive, but it's not holographic projection.

User Info: scigeek101

7 years ago#6
In 30 years we have gone from pong to almost fully realistic 3d graphics. Computer technology is increasing at an astounding rate.

I doubt any one here can imagine what we will have by 2040.
Although motion controlls will stiil be unresponsive.

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#7
I suppose the next step for nintendo would be to integrate a kinect camera into the next iteration of DS so that it could track the bones in your finger and you could interact with the 3D.

User Info: Omunall

7 years ago#8
Another 30 years? Hmm, well i work with a goverment contractor, and while i don't see at that fancy new tech that they speak all hush hush about, i think we may be looking at a much more tech savvy environment by that time. For one, more countries that do not have access to internet are now being converted to support the electronic world, meaning a new group of consumers. This, one top of the youth being able to run something like a power point presentation in kindergarden, shows we will end up having minds that have adjusted to the stuff that can show up.

So from all of that...i think in 30 years we may have reliable solar energy or something that would be able to replace oil. We should also have some type of tech that would allow a different viewing of the in home market (such as televisions) so in 30 years, i don't think we would be close to hitting holographics, but maybe something like a quality, mass marketed version of televisions, much like those we have now, but with added features like wifi/pc based useage. Things like that. We won't be hitting the jetsons, nor will we be looking at something that will be like a virtual world. (Think ghost in the shell, that would be something we may see in 200 years)
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