Achievement/Trophy System

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User Info: LawLessChaos

7 years ago#1
Anyone else think an achievement system should be included? Not like what Xbox and Ps3 have but like profile showing how many hours you have played a game and a star indicating if you have beat the game of not. I think this would be a cool system to have without having people playing games just for achievements but still getting recognition for completing a game.

User Info: Arucard05

7 years ago#2
I would prefer a straight up 360/PS3 style system but yeah, any system like that would be great. Seems like a system like that should be guaranteed for the PSP2 though.
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User Info: Ode1st

7 years ago#3
I second that, I'd prefer some kind of trophy system. It gives games more replay value as well as gives me alternate objectives when I'm playing a game. Gives me more to do.

User Info: LawLessChaos

7 years ago#4
I hated playing DS games and never having any motivation to keep playing.

User Info: impatientperson

7 years ago#5
I do hope they implement an achievement/trophy system... but I think as a reference to Smash Bros. they should be called challenges...
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#6
its been hinted at,
along with voice chat,and friend list
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User Info: D Nyce

D Nyce
7 years ago#7
I think the way that they do it should be different. I wouldn't call it Achievements, although it's nearly the same. Multiplayer and single player achievements are fun to me.

They should do something that links your save files to your online profile. let developers set their own achievements with their own corresponding icons. For example, a Smash Bros save file would actually present the trophies you've collected within the game. As well as show your win/loss record and other game clearings. An FPS would have killstreak and objective/difficulty based and they can set their own icons.

User Info: chanla

7 years ago#8
that'd be very nice to have but i never actually wanted that on a handheld. it would give me more incentive to keep playing like i do on the 360. i usually only play pokemon and mario on my ds for long lengths after i beat them.
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