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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#1
Mostly just my observations. Maybe you don't agree, maybe I don't. I'm listing everything I can think of about how this system may change DS gaming, or how we ourselves play it. Placement is all based somewhat on opinion, I tried to keep it low controversially.


1. Substantially increased resolution with 400 x 240 (per visible image) top screen, and 320 x 240 touch screen. Effectively at the highest it can go keeping in mind that the next logical resolution increase ends up being at the same ratio, 1600 x 480 pixels on a 3.5 inch screen to keep the 3D effect. Much too high for such a sized screen.

2. 3D.

3. The option to have as much or as little of a 3D effect as you wish via the 3D slider. Though worth mentioning it does not get a 800 x 240 resolution with the effect completely off as it then shows two identical 400 x 240 images on the one screen.

4. WPA/WPA2 security compatibility including within 3DS games.

5. The Slide Pad. Giving a more analogue input control over 3DS games. Though is the cause of more issues. Cons #1, #6 and #7.

6. Better graphics. Rivals some contenders in last generation home consoles.

7. Major early 3rd party interest and support. It's rare to see such solid support invested in a single system. Potential for some great titles in the future.

8. Dramatically increased cartridge size to 2GB at launch with potential for more. Price may rise in response.

9.Competitive battery life. The DSi had a fair battery life, it's not exactly wise to have it on the brightest setting but it definitely lasted a long session or two. At least longer than you're more likely to be away from a power outlet. To be promised similar is quite a positive.


1. Motion sensor and gyroscope. To work with the 3D effect, your entire body must move with the 3DS when in use. It's not exactly a negative as it's not that hard to move while keeping the 3DS in front of you. Though if you don't do it like this the system won't be 3D.

2. Movement of power button once again. This time due to the Slide Pad and new D-pad placement. Someone will hit it thinking it's the wrong button. Somehow they do it with the DSi which is just odd. With the 3DS its in the spot where the start button used to be.

3. 3D camera. It's a definite pro in making the whole experience and I commend them for including it. The pictures should have 1280 x 480 resolution (640 x 480 per image). Yet there's just nothing else to view them on. I imagine a normal picture can be taken as well.

4. Inside camera has still got a permanent reversed image. This is due to incorporate gameplay by movement. Raise your left arm the your mirror raises its right. It's inaccurate if you want someone to recognise you in a picture. Would be nice to be able to reverse it before taking the picture. Suppose must mention the 0.3 mega-pixels if they may be a concern.

5. Fingerprints can disrupt the 3D images. Additional care in keeping the screen clear must be taken. Screen protectors may also ruin the effect (if anyone uses them for top screens).

6. Home button. I believe you now must change volume by this button. As well as brightness. It's kind of a step back if having the freedom you had with the DSi and make the choice without pausing the game. In fact resetting with the DSi used the Power button, which is the other function of this.

User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#2
1. Non-symmetrical controls compared to the DS. Left handers are concerned. See con #7 too.

2. Limiting the use of two screens. The 3DS can not get the book effect which the DS used often. With different screen sizes. Also no 3D effect is visible held sideways. No classic book collections and brain training games will never be the same again.

3. More limited use of the two screens. The screens can not be used as a single large screen. Different aspect ratio screens and 3D absence on the lower prevent any dual-screen action. No more will we be playing pinball or slinging rocks at falling bomb-ombs.

4. No 3D for touchscreen reliant games. Don't expect 3D surgery in a Trauma Center game. If you want to pat a Nintendog you'll be stroking a silhouette while a hand up the top strokes the 3D man's best friend. Silhouetted surgery? That's malpractice.

5. Health concerns. In some cases persistence with the system may result in less negative effects if there were to begin with. Otherwise suggested to turn 3D off.

6. Backwards compatibility issues. Resolution issues, aspect ratio issues and control issues. The D-pad is in an odd place, the pixels don't go evenly into the new screens and the top screen is too wide.

7. Odd control choices and placement. The D-Pad appears more natural in the old position. The Slide Pad could have easily have been the one to have been put lower. The lack of a second Slide Pad on opposite side (especially if other Slide Pad was lowered).

User Info: Grunt40

7 years ago#3




^^^ that's how it should have been
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User Info: madmofo145

7 years ago#4
One neutral is slightly off, there is a dedicated volume slider on the left side of the system, so neutral 6 is wrong, and you never know, maybe the firmware will allow for reversal of internal camera images. Non symmetric controls I agree with as a con though, I'd like a second analog stick.

User Info: lbakinbaconl

7 years ago#5
have you actually played the 3ds?
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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#6
I haven't. It's a summary of the credible information I have available to me in addition to my knowledge in similar technology to a point. It's basically a list of confirmed aspects the 3DS had in addition to which I have summarised how it may affect gameplay and those who use it. Most things except for the paragraph below (Neutral #6) are confirmed.

Can't say it's perfect.

In the case of the volume on the home button. I seem to have definitely been wrong about that. As on second look there is what appears to be volume controls on the left hand side. With the 3D slider on the right. I managed to overlook this due to everything else being included on the input and output official lists. It was the most last minute addition to the lists (though I definitely assume about brightness still).
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