3DS + Hacking = Screwed

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User Info: jakestar0306

7 years ago#1
Think about it: One of the 3DS's features is that two 3DS' can exchange stages, ghost data, etc. while they're both in sleep mode, without anyone knowing it happened. So if someone had a 3DS with hacked data that could crash a game, then couldn't he/she upload the data to every 3DS around him/her and potentially screw everyone over?

You heard it here first...
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User Info: BOBBYJOBE1433

7 years ago#2
Maybe, but worst case scenario all what would happen is the game data would get corrupted.

User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#3
hmm that sounds interesting. could that actually work? but it would be a rare case id think. all that tag mode stuff is always made with japan in mind, where there are MANY more random people walking the street, more than likely with a 3DS in tow.
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#4

From: BOBBYJOBE1433 | #002
Maybe, but worst case scenario all what would happen is the game data would get corrupted.

and this. more than likely the game would have a backup and load that from the last point it saved.
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User Info: Holy7777

7 years ago#5
yea I was think about that too.
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User Info: Fauxreguard

7 years ago#6
Yeah... This is going to backfire pretty quick, and then no one is going to leave that feature turned on. Unless, of course, they have the smarts to verify incoming data to make it sure it's within valid parameters before executing it. Even if something wasn't hacked, there's always a chance of a communication error, so I hope they've got the smarts to get this right.

As for just corrupting your game save, that's not always the case. There were seeds (a hacked item you could drop to spawn an object, like a house or a Town Gate) in Animal Crossing: Wild World that were capable of bricking the game cartridge. Mischievious twelve year olds the world over loaded their inventories with these brick seeds and traveled to other people's towns, where they would drop them and run. I guarentee that the same thing will happen in the next Animal Crossing.
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User Info: SaraAB87

7 years ago#7
These features are useless in America, unless they set up some kind of exchange party, because no one is gonna leave the feature turned on.

In Japan, that is a different story, because people actually use those features so swapping data with others is easy cause everyone just leaves it turned on.

The only way it would work here would be if it would also exchange data while someone was playing a game. Maybe something like this, the saves would be loaded onto the DS itself and they would automatically transmit data all the time as long as the system is on, so if you walked by someone playing a 3DS with your 3DS on it would automatically exchange data without the other person knowing. But if this feature isn't automatically enabled or a lot of users turn it off then it becomes pointless.
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