Pirates can't use the 3DS

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User Info: zillazero

7 years ago#1
Because of the patch.

Get it?!




"All of the battles are based on actual real battles that took place in Japanese history... so here we have this Giant Enemy Crab."

User Info: coller23

7 years ago#2
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: blood_bender

7 years ago#3
oHO! it's funny because it true!
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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

7 years ago#4
Have you ever listened to the Opie & Anthony show on a Sirius or XM satellite radio? You know when a bit or a joke bombs and no one laughs, how they play a car crash audio track to show that they thought the joke sucks?

You get a *car crash*.
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User Info: qwangalanglang

7 years ago#5
lol at bitter internet people. Because the TC obviously spent his entire life working on that joke and is totally serious.
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User Info: Dragon_lord27

7 years ago#6
Pirates can use the 3DS because you can turn the 3D off, thus having no need for two eyes.

Pirates are also cunning enough that every new patch will be broken in a matter of seconds after it's release.

So fail all around.
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User Info: kilafer

7 years ago#7
I laughed.
Well done TC.
This is totally unrelated, but Judgemaster Cid looks like the kind of guy you'd see at a party doing keg stands and playing beer pong. >_>

User Info: naariM

7 years ago#8
lol I actually thought this meant pirated games, but then being forced to download a patch to stop the pirated games or something :/

User Info: Relix

7 years ago#9
Haha good joke!


White Wolf Kiba: Can this 3d thing be seen/experienced with only one eye?
Edge578: I get it, because Kiba's a pirate and he has an eyepatch!

User Info: Guniverse

7 years ago#10
You should be sorry.
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