3DS leap is not that great graphically

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User Info: grans

7 years ago#41

From: sonic_sonic | #034
Practically everything I've seen looks better then top end psp games, and thats what's being churned out at LAUNCH, it's only going up from here, whereas the psp is already at its limit.


Mmm, better than anything on psp. Oh wait....

I love how you purposefully use low resolution and resized screens that easily chop the quality in half at least...

Here's a much better quality pic of Zelda, which STILL isn't a totally accurate depiction of what the final game will look like-

Starfox better quality (again, still not a perfect representation, you can see some jpeg distortion on the text, but better than yours)-

Pilotwings (again, yours is resized and blurry by a terrible amount, literally destroys the quality)-

And Mario Kart 3DS (yours incredibly distorts the graphics)-

The Animal Crossing screen is the only one that looks correct to our highest quality screens, but that's a foolish example to use considering that Animal Crossing has never taken advantage of the system it's on. It is very smooth and colorful, but it was designed to be low tech, if you had any history of Animal Crossing, you'd have known that.

Dunno what the last game is. But it's clearly not using the 3DS' capability by a long shot.

That easily looks on par or better than PSP. And the other screens such as MGS3D (which has been confirmed to not be a video, but being rendered real time via the graphics hardware) show how superior it is to PSP. The system is clearly far better looking than the PSP, and very close to Wii or Xbox within the confines of its resolution restriction. The games are cited as looking even better ingame because of the smoothness and 3D effect, both of which enhance the graphics by a huge amount. There's no doubt how much better the system looks.
NEVER judge a game you have not played.

User Info: LaManoNeraII

7 years ago#42
Comparing screenshots is rather juvenile. Especially when all the 3DS games are still conceptual. But some of those looked amazing (for a handheld). I want that Star Fox game soooo bad.
R.I.P LaManoNera
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