Did they announce a price?

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User Info: The_Dark_Slay3r

7 years ago#21

From: draemsu | #007
Too bad then, guess you'll be waiting for a price drop. This will most likely be $200-$250, and I don't think $300 is impossible.

There is no way in hell this thing will retail at $300, are you nuts? I'd guess $199.

User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#22
I'd guess between $199 and $299.

Everyone is comparing the price to the Wii's price... The Wii is 5 years old, this is a brand new console, that is supposedly nearly as powerful as the Wii, with 3d effects.

Look at it like this.

Nintendo's older console(Wii) = $200.
Nintendo's older handheld(DS,Lite, DSi) = $190(DSiXL)
Nintendo's newest handheld with awesome capabilities that shame the other ones = $150.

Yeah, looks real likely.
Anyone expecting less than $200 is in for a surprise. They're still charging $200 for the old ones. >.>'
Supported by wings of faith, Wielding a sword of light.
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User Info: phisho873

7 years ago#23
I know plenty of people have said it, but no one in this topic:

The GameCube cost 100 dollars when the original DS came out at 150 dollars.

So the whole "it won't cost more than the Wii" argument means nothing.
Shut up.
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