All that I want is a video.

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User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#11
Then how are they going to advertise the game?

Ever seen a commercial foir a phone or something, and it says "screen image is simulated"?
Like that. They CGI visuals that look like 3D. Like those commercials for the 3D crayon/chalk stuff. It just looks 3D because of how they animated it.
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User Info: BurgerTime79

7 years ago#12
They could do some ads that show single screen shots and then maybe some photoshopped mock-ups to simulate 3D, with small text saying something to the extent of "3D image simulated for affect".

You never saw ads for all of these recent movies in 3D did you? Pictures of the Virtual Boy weren't in 3D either.
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User Info: Eoin

7 years ago#13

From: Zanbi | #010
Wild mass guessing, and perhaps flawed logic, here:

Couldn't Nintendo set up two videos on a page side by side, or one video with two screens, one running what one eye sees, the other for the other eye? There was another thread here with someone demonstrating the stereoscopic 3D with two similar imaged, and it worked. It seems like it could work, but I dunno.

They could do that, but they would have to do it very carefully.

Any explanation that they put on the page wouldn't be read by a large number of people. On pages where the main feature is a video, people tend to ignore the text.

Most likely putting two videos side-by-side would result in many people being confused. Some would think that the page had rendered incorrectly. Some would not really get what they were meant to do, and just watch one of the videos and not be all that impressed. Some would actually think that having two videos side-by-side and having to play around with your eyes to get a 3D effect was how the 3DS actually worked.

As an added bonus you'd also get people with lower-end machines that had issues playing two videos simultaneously.

User Info: Zanbi

7 years ago#14
That's why I also suggested two screens in one video. You don't have a lot of trust in people reading, haha, so I guess they could put a message in the video saying how to go about it.

User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#15
Just wait for them to appear in wal-marts & bestBuys everywhere.
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