This NEEDS 2 analog sticks

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User Info: craiguk37

7 years ago#1
The psp has been bashed for many years about the lack of a second analog stick why would nintendo choose not to have two on this? There is enough room and there isn't a reason NOT to.

The touch screen makes up for it you might add, wrong. Not all games/gamers want to use the touch screen to rotate the camera or whatever.

Playing a third person game where you control them with the analog and the camera with the face buttons is terrible, it wouldnt be any easier using the touch screen. The most simple solution is to add another stick. It saves 4 buttons for other use and saves from using the screen in some weird way which cuts off the use of those 4 buttons and the R trigger.

I know it isnt the final unit, but companies are already making games for it, if they leave it too late to introduce it then the games we are anticipating wont implament it.

I also wouldnt mind built in rumble.

User Info: NitemareNS

7 years ago#2
I think because when you add a 2nd analog, you're basically asking yourself to start competing with the consoles. And although I do believe the industry is moving into a place where handhelds are going to be more geared toward hardcore gaming, it's probably not gonna be realized until the next DS/ PSP.
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User Info: GTRagnarok

7 years ago#3

From: craiguk37 | #001it wouldnt be any easier using the touch screen.

Um...yeah, it is. Already proven with the DS.
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User Info: TwilightEchoes

7 years ago#4
"...not gonna be realized until the next DS/ PSP."

The PSP2 isn't that far off, you know.
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User Info: elheber

7 years ago#5
I'd like it if it had a 2nd slide pad. But it's not a huge deal to me.
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User Info: frogman_295

7 years ago#6
Naw. IMO 1 is fine. Camera is fine without analogue and FPS games are more intuitive with a touch screen.

User Info: AmethystZoe

7 years ago#7
It's not necessary, but it would be nice. It's always better to have more options.

User Info: MetalZoic

7 years ago#8
Please God let them add another. How long do we have to wait for a complete handheld?

User Info: TheBionicRock

7 years ago#9
Try resting your thumb on the fact buttons and doing a quick complicated sequence of button presses. Great now try switching between using the stylus to quickly draw shapes on the touchscreen and doing the same button sequence without making any mistakes or taking too long and you'll know why a touchscreen doesn't work very well as a right analog replacement. Part of the reason why the face buttons are useful in a game making heavy use of the right analog is because they're close enough together that you don't need to remove your hand entirely or contort it to switch between them. As an added bonus assigning functions that are normally associated with the right analog to an actual right analog frees the touchscreen for functions that will likely only be used when it's neither inconvenient nor dangerous to remove your hand to grip a stylus.
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User Info: _Trevor__

7 years ago#10
I heard the analog stick is only used for rotating the camera around the 3D image, though I might be wrong... Either way, two analog sticks would look silly and the touchpad is more than fine.
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