This NEEDS 2 analog sticks

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User Info: Nano Kitsune

Nano Kitsune
7 years ago#51
Here, take this bad-joke proof vest. It's made of clevlar.

User Info: Bro_Rabbit

7 years ago#52

From: ViewtifulGene | #050
2 sticks and the touch screen would be a nightmare. It doesn't need all 3.

How exactly would this be a nightmare? To me, it looks like it would be almost perfectly designed.

User Info: TVthePunisher

7 years ago#53
And perfect is something that won't come out until a final release, like with an XL version of this device. Or a 3DSiLiteXLMega.
Some people just deserve to die, it's up to the individual to deliver that justice. Me, I embraced the right...can you embrace it, let go of morality?
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