possible problem??

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User Info: shadypichu08

7 years ago#1
a friend of mine said he doesn't care about the 3ds
because he says it'll get recalled for the 3d causing health problems
but i have no know idea about that so could someone tell me if that would be likely to happen because i am really confused on what to think now
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#2
hmm no issues were found at e3
annd the 3ds has option to adjust or off 3d
soo issue adverted
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User Info: Eoin

7 years ago#3
Obviously it won't cause health problems.

User Info: DarkSideOfBlue

7 years ago#4
Considering how much developers must play through their own game, I'd suspect we'd see devs dropping like flies well before the 3DS ever hits stores.

Someone has to make and test those launch titles, you know, and I'd wager they spend more hours staring at the screen making them than we do playing them.

User Info: Xavier_On_High

7 years ago#5
How about all those health problems mobile phones caused? Bad, weren't they?

...oh, wait...
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User Info: shadypichu08

7 years ago#6
thanks that is much more reassuring
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User Info: xoftheuniverse

7 years ago#7
He is full of it :( First off tell him that even I having a Gran Mal seizure disorder still am a hardcore gamer, I will get the 3DS asap with 8 titles and go on a massive gaming spree. I am (obviously) guessing he means seizures but it shouldn't increase the risk beyond that of the general risk of any videogame.
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