Will 3d games cost more?

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User Info: 0060000

7 years ago#1
not sure if this is right but didn't game boy games cost like $25 and DS games costs like $30 will 3ds games cost $35-40?
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User Info: -EvilSoul-

7 years ago#2
Larger cart alone will probably up the price.

User Info: Chao777

7 years ago#3
The games always get more expensive.

Expect the regular price to be 45$ IF NOT 50$.

User Info: Hawkpro

7 years ago#4
Well the best thing about hand-held games is that they are cheap used. I usually see DS games for $20-35 new and $5-20 used. It's not like PS3 games where used will save you like $3 yahoo!
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