Pretend the 3DS is $300 at launch

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User Info: Ki_cat_

7 years ago#1
Millions of people will still buy this and Nintendo will still make tons of money. A good portion of us will still probably buy it and the games and Nintendo will still gain a lot of money. If the 3DS is highly priced (and good) at launch, be prepaired to wait for holiday deals or a price cut if you don't want to spend tons on a handheld system. Personally, I'll wait for some sort of price reduction either way because none of the games appeal to me for how much money I'd be spending. -shrugs- Maybe (a big maybe) they'll release something I really like but I doubt it. I know, we know nothing about the price but I'll spend just close to $300 or more either way. An assumed $200+tax on a system and a few games= over $300 out of my pocket.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: Trasken

7 years ago#2
id go with 400 considering tax and buying one or two games
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User Info: Baby Kirby

Baby Kirby
7 years ago#3
If it's $300, I hope they announce it mega early so I can save up. If it's $300, I probably won't get any games for it for a while. (Honestly I'd be happy messing around with the 3D camera until I have games)

But I doubt it'll be the much. Wii was only $250 at launch, and I really don't see it being more than that. Maybe the same price, but definitely not more.
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User Info: R0yledge777

7 years ago#4
I would drop 500.
ITS THE 3DS!!!!!!!
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#5
I won't pay one cent over $249.99 (plus sales tax) for the system itself. Non-negotiable for me.

User Info: d209999

7 years ago#6
It had better not top $200. If so, I'm out.

At least, until it gets at least two killer apps.
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User Info: samimckee

7 years ago#7
Kid Icarus: Uprising and Kingdom Hearts 3DS. Have fun. >;3

User Info: ErrorSupply

7 years ago#8
I'm REALLY excited about the 3DS, bud I'd have to pass at that price (provided there's no packed in game).
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User Info: Trasken

7 years ago#9
there hasn't been a packed game at system launch since the SNES days i believe
That's GRAND MASTER Bushido Brown to you, boy!

User Info: Weedman686

7 years ago#10
this price is unacceptable unless it comes packaged with a top end game
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