What button would you want on the 3DS

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User Info: AlphaWhelp

7 years ago#41
I want a button on the 3DS that lets me light people on fire across the internet that automatically pushes itself whenever someone marks or moderates my posts.
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User Info: Darkriku666

7 years ago#42
External brightness control. I hate it when handheld devices (including phones) require you to go into the settings and change the brightness... because chances are, if I need more brightness, I can't see the screen.

They already had this on the dsi, I think it was select + Volume buttons to change brightness
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User Info: winwithlink

7 years ago#43
a button that activates a sattelitte with a laser beam that can scratch your ass from outer space :)
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User Info: Mobile_Tree

7 years ago#44
Realisticly, i really dont want any extra buttons, just L and R buttons that don't quit working after a while like most other ds lites and dsi's I've had.
Unrealisticly i want a button that causes the 3ds to become a transformer that will obey all my commands and can shoot lasers and fly, but also will preform household tasks for me and make me food.

User Info: X_Roxas_X

7 years ago#45

From: Sir_Edward
I want an external volume control. Since this isn't the final design, do you think that it's plausible that we could get one in the final design?


I don't know where this rumor that it doesn't have one is coming from.
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User Info: Beck225

7 years ago#46
Exactly what TheDarkNerd said, also, a Prinny button and a Flonne button, whenever I push flonne, it would say Nin Nin Nin! and Prinny would say Doooood!
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User Info: infringement153

7 years ago#47
Built-in Lagrangian point calculator.
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User Info: osboes

7 years ago#48
A button that exits the game your playing and goes back to the main 3DS screen so that you don't have to switch the device off and on again to get to it (and sometimes additionly take the card out if yours boots up the game automaticly with gamecard inside it). Or a button that brings the whole thing up whilst your still in the game like PS3's menu button.

User Info: GameMaster14GM

7 years ago#49
a REFRESH button so every time i push it i will automatically give me a full nights sleep in a second without the time being wasted :] like in chrono trigger in 2500A.D**plays 3ds all night**
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