They better make more non kiddy games

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User Info: strife14467

7 years ago#41
Nintendo needs to make a violent Pokemon game. Let Pikachu run around slicing people up with a chainsaw, then I wanna see the "kiddy" comments on that. Of course people would still say the same things, yet it most likely would be different if it was on anything but a Nintendo system. I hate when Nintendo gets singled out for having "kiddy" games when every system has them.
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User Info: Spaddel2212

7 years ago#42
I think we should call the whole video-gaming "kiddy"... Because Kids are playing games... So the term of playing games is kiddy itself.

There maybe some kinds of games which aren't suited for younger people but it doesnt mean that games which are suited for younger people are not suited for older people aswell...

Furthermore... reffering to getting dumped because of the choice of video-games. I think its ridiculous, because these people seem to be people who only care about there population and stuf... I for my self think it is a natural way to do or play "kiddy" things... It shows that we are humans afterall, because we're not mature overall... what maybe seems for one or two kinda lovely.

This is my opinion.

But i admit i wouldnt force on someone that i play stuff like pokemon, but if he finds out so be it and if i come along very well with them and they ask for stuff like that i wouldnt deny it.

User Info: InvadersMustDie

7 years ago#43
Exactly Spaddel.

Imagine there's 2 guys sitting side by side. Each with a wiimote in hand (or ps3 controller, 360, whatever!). One is playing err.. Super Mario Galaxy 2 and the other is playing COD Modern Reflex. Now you can't see what they are playing, and they look like they are doing the exact same thing.

That's because at the end of the day what they are doing is pretty much the same damn thing!

Hmm, not sure if that demonstrated what I was thinking but oh well. Hopefully someone gets what I mean.

User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#44
i do invadere....WE'RE ALL BUTTON MASHERS XD
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