they should remake make F Zero X with the Expansion Kit

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User Info: tirkaro

7 years ago#11
No, they should remake F-zero GX with a more fleshed-out version of the Expansion kit's Create-a-Track mode.

It would be like ModNation racers, except actually good.

User Info: qwangalanglang

7 years ago#12
Or they could, you know, MAKE A NEW GOD DAMNED F-ZERO GAME
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User Info: PSI_Ground

7 years ago#13
Nintendo wouldn't give a damn to do that, as it'd be too hard for the casuals.
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User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#14
Hmm, create a track, and with WiFi, it shares your tracks with other people with the 3DS as they walk by.

Nintendo should totally do this.
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User Info: WonkyKong

7 years ago#15
You know, there is a decent chance of this happening, I imagine nearly all Nintendo EAD 64 titles will make it to the 3DS.
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User Info: Diggerdude

7 years ago#16
If 3DS doesn't get an F-Zero game, I will be very disgusted.

DS should've had one.

You skipped an entire generation, Nintendo - don't screw up again.
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User Info: Terotrous

7 years ago#17
Yeah, that would be pretty awesome. Or they could just make a new F-Zero. Whatever.
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User Info: SragentThom

7 years ago#18
What " Expansion Kit" are you talking about?

User Info: abigexplosion

7 years ago#19
Not changing this signature until a new F-Zero is announced. *started 6/18/10*
F-Zero > Mario Kart. If you disagree, it's because you're bad at F-Zero.

User Info: Fullgore EXE

Fullgore EXE
7 years ago#20
F-Zero GX is such an awesome game.. I wonder why we haven't really seen any F-Zero games since?
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  3. they should remake make F Zero X with the Expansion Kit

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