Pangya for 3DS?

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User Info: MrBanballow

7 years ago#1
Anybody else want a WiFi enabled 3D version of Pangya (Super Swing Golf on Wii)?
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Started: October 5, 2008

User Info: O2Ash

7 years ago#2
Pangya is awesome. Online multiplayer would be really fun!
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User Info: TheDarkNerd

7 years ago#3
Terrible idea. What if I cobra shot, and the ball flies right off the screen, hitting someone in the head?! I'd probably be kicked off the bus if that happened, and I'd refuse to play a port that didn't have special shots.

Though it would be really cool to actually be able to look and just get a sense of how far away the hole is, and where objects in your way are.
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