3DS Price range

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User Info: _TKO_

7 years ago#11
Nintendo could hammer the final nail in the PSP coffin and launch it at $150 and drop the XL to $120 and the DSi to $99 and just phase out the ds light.

User Info: blazeUP12

7 years ago#12
$199 tops. I just can't imagine spending more than that on a handheld...
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User Info: xXdarkXshadowXx

7 years ago#13
The price will the amount of topics were opened discussing about the price ;)
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User Info: TheRedneck14

7 years ago#14
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User Info: Maxx_the_Slash

7 years ago#15

Regardless, it'll be worth every penny.
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#16

From: jomama1034 | #006
200-250. For what we are getting, people shouldn't complain if it is 250.

this. idk why people are expecting anything less than 200.
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User Info: slacker03150

7 years ago#17
I'm planning for a 300 dollar system and putting 500 away for launch, but I am going to hope for under 200 so I can get more games/movies.

User Info: _TKO_

7 years ago#18
no way nintendo launches a $200+ handheld. they know better.

User Info: LostEntity

7 years ago#19
I could imagine it being sold for $250 at launch but no more than that.
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