My rant about "gimmicks"

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User Info: rytango

7 years ago#11
I don't think the touch screen is a gimmick. Sometimes motion controls feel like a gimmick, but other times they are pretty useful (like rolling a bomb or throwing it in the new Zelda Wii). Rumble helps to identify when you are either low on health, getting shot or performing subtle lock picking. Analog sticks are better than d-pads for 3d character movement. Color is helpful in color television more so than B&W. All of these I find a use for.

With all that said, I think the 3d in the 3DS is a gimmick, it has really no gameplay usefulness, yet it's too cool to ignore. It's got me. :D

User Info: Bro_Rabbit

7 years ago#12
I'm pretty sure no one wants to play CoD/Halo or Gran Turismo/Uncharted using anything other than a traditional controller.

I would want to play all of those games with a Wiimote/Move controller.
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