3DS price range: $150 - $300

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User Info: FlipManV3

7 years ago#41

From: lizard81288 | #038
well, look at how well the psp is doing. we have like 10 models with no games on it, plus the games that are good, are being pirated WAY more than ds games, astronomically.

Saying that the PSP only has a "handful" or "no" good games is just being ignorant. It was like that about 2 years after its release, but not any longer.
The great PSP games probably have been downloaded a lot, but overall, it's the DS with the most amount of downloads, I believe.

Also, this has no relevance to the conversation.
The package itself will be worth more than $200, I'll place a bet on that.
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User Info: Excalipur

7 years ago#42
Nintendo took over the market partially because their systems were cheaper than the others. If they broke this rule they would lose millions of sales. I've noticed that compared to other systems Nintendo follows a few rules:

1. Their system must me cheap.
2. Their system must be sturdy (not destroyed easily when dropped). This is important for the 8-year-old market.
3. Their system must support family gaming.

By that guess, I think the system will go for $139.99 - $199.99. They will keep the system cheaper than the next gen psp, and they will probably try to make it cheaper than the psp as well. If Nintendo didn't think they could do this, then they wouldn't release it now.
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