I won't buy 3DS

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User Info: brinetold

7 years ago#11
PSP2 got 4D or so I heard (actually I read from a magazine which was funny)
"Don't be silly! I can't let the mother of a Kyokugen heir perish!" - Takuma

User Info: Teremei

7 years ago#12
this again. LOL. Will you ppl please stop it with the 3DSiXLLDSi crap.

You all just wait that's fine. Us early adopters will be just LOVING all our 3D nintendo launch games.
playing: WoW (PC)
$$ soon: Blue Dragon (DS), MM Zero (DS), River City Soccer (DS), Arc Rise Fantasia (Wii)

User Info: Usagi_sama

7 years ago#13
If we were to wait because we thought something better was coming later on, we'd never buy anything. I like 3DS, I'm getting one.
Currently in Disgaea 2 DHD: Clearing Dark World stages.
(Adores Pleinair)
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