Fire Emblem on 3DS

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User Info: Cielstorm

7 years ago#1

A fanboy can only wish.

User Info: The_Bones

7 years ago#2
I can see it happening but I'm not sure how much 3D effects could be used in the game.

User Info: d0wner

7 years ago#3
Unless the 3DS fails, which is more or less impossible, we'll see a Fire Emblem at some point.
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User Info: Smoking_Hamster

7 years ago#4
They should have a good FE game on the 3DS. You don't have to use 3D if it doesn't add to the game. I didn't mind the lack of motion contorls on the FE game on the Wii.
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User Info: Sephiroth96752

7 years ago#5
I'm hoping for 3DS Fire Emblem, but I hope they make it good. Something FE7 tier or even better.
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User Info: helldew

7 years ago#6
i think i need new pants cause a couple ideas for it just went into my head
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