To all the lefties

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User Info: Shadowinferno11

7 years ago#1
I already posted this in another thread, yet I don't think it had enough views.

"To all those user's who are left handed who had only tried using the stylus in your right hand, I'd suggest you take a look at the addition Nintendo made even way back for the DS.

It was called a thumb strap, MANY left handed players I know who played FPS' on the DS used the thumb strap. It was actually a big debate when Metroid Prime Hunters was first released, about which control method was more accurate the Stylus or the Thumb Strap.

Thumb Straps are also usable in other situation's for touch screen + d-pad usage, and it is pulled off effectively.

Here's an easy way to look at it, the stylus made the control feel more like a Mouse and Keyboard, seeing as the hand your using to control would be your dominate hand.

However, the thumb strap gives it the dual analog feel, where all your using is your thumb to aim, and control. Which is the same thing you use on an analog stick. I've played with the thumb strap and it feels very similar to dual analog controls.

Whether or not the 3DS will come with a Thumb Strap like the DS and DS lite did, that is unknown, but just like you can buy a stylus for your DS, you can just as easily purchase thumb straps"
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User Info: Lee7

7 years ago#2
I have Thumb Strap and its just annoing to use
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User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#3
The thumb strap isn't very precise since you don't see the exact point where you touch, and the position is uncomfortable. Also, it scratched my screen a lot. I still have it, though. I doubt that it will be included with 3DSes.
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User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#4
Personally I tried the thumb strap once and never used it again :P

User Info: Shadowinferno11

7 years ago#5
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User Info: Slave 1

Slave 1
7 years ago#6
The thumb strap causes your thumb to cover up the area around which you are tapping. It's not that precise. Its sliding capabilities are decent, but it's also not that comfortable. I would take the stylus any day.
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#7
The only thing the thumbstrap was any good for was Super Mario 64.

I played MPH for a bit and it felt much better with the stylus.
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User Info: Shadowinferno11

7 years ago#8
To the above posters who preferred the stylus, I'm sorta aiming this to the lefties who keep complaining that the stylus was unbearable.

I to use the stylus, and think its better for aiming.
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