Interesting 3DS Size Comparisons

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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#1
Wow, I actually thought the 3DS was bigger than the DSi, but it's actually about the same exact size in all dimensions as a DSi. Here's a comparison below:

3DS: 5.3" wide, 2.9" long, 0.8" tall, ~8 ounces
DSLite: 5.2" wide, 2.9" long, 0.84" tall, ~7.6 ounces
DSi: 5.39" wide, 2.9" long, 0.75" tall, ~7.5 ounces
DSi XL: 6.3" wide, 3.59" long, 0.83" tall, ~11 ounces

Hmm, I guess the 3DS wouldn't need to be smaller, and it's not really a 3DS Phat. Seems like if they did make a redesign, I guess it would only be bigger. But the screens are already bigger than a DSi, but not a DSi XL. So I guess a 3DS XL? Not no pro, but it seems like if they did make bigger screens that would simply stretch the resolutions bigger and not actually higher, it might ruin the 3D effect. Could be wrong though.

This actually made me think about waiting until the 3DS got redesigned but looking at these sizes, I'm gonna go ahead and buy one at launch because I don't see how a 3DS redesign could be different besides being larger.
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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#2
Only thing I could see Nintendo doing in the future is:

bigger screens
smaller size but same size screens as original
new multimedia functions
better hardware (ie faster processor)
a radio
R.I.P Team Fortress 2 updates on the Xbox 360.

User Info: Warrax

7 years ago#3
Good points, the design looks fine enough to buy it and not wait for a re-release.

User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#4
Anyone else feel the same way?
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User Info: Shinobi120

7 years ago#5
Totally agree with you, TC.
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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#6
Actually the screens are not bigger than a DSi. The touchscreen is the size of the DS (original and lite). The top screen is wider than the DSi's screen but has less height (due to being widescreen).

Except that increasing the size screens can ruin the 3D effect. Plus anyone who's going from the DSi versions to the 3DS will eventually get used to it.

User Info: samimckee

7 years ago#7
I've never even seen a DSi XL, and I've never noticed the size of my DS Lite screens, so I don't think I would mind anyway. I'm (hopefully) getting mine at launch. 8D
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User Info: aladdin245

7 years ago#8
I also agree with you TC. At first I was like Instabuy, and then i got to thinking about update systems, and then i thought what you thought, and wondered what else they could add to it.

They could add countless useless apps to make it more appealing to casuals, but the original just seems fine the way it is. I'm pretty sure nintendo has something up it's sleve though. But to me the 3ds is awesome the way it is, and it's not even final yet.

Now if they could match the amount of colors to the amount of launch games, I would be estatic.
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