I hope a fully 3D Pokemon comes out for this eventually.

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  3. I hope a fully 3D Pokemon comes out for this eventually.

User Info: MidnightW

7 years ago#1
That'd just be orgasmic.
Just the other day I was thinking about a console Pokemon game (like the portable ones) in full 3D with good graphics.
Midnight's seriously just around the corner.
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User Info: RayHorak

7 years ago#2
No thanks.

User Info: nub_in_training

7 years ago#3
gave up on Pokemon after Red/Blue

User Info: orangecrush3190

7 years ago#4
I'm not sure. I guess it could be like XD or PBR and use 3D effects. But it would be strange having a Pokemon game on the DS that doesn't use sprites in battle lol. However, I would be willing to play it anyway.
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User Info: nonexistinghero

7 years ago#5
They're working on Pokemon Black/White right now. The first 3DS Pokemon game will be 2-3 years after the launch of it, and prolly won't be 3D, and it'll be a mostly 2D one with added 3D effects. Then 5 years after release of the device they'll make the game TC wants.
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User Info: Lost_Seraph09

7 years ago#6
Paper Pokemon

User Info: DarkKirby2500

7 years ago#7
This is NOT the 1st Pokemon 3DS topic but...

Upscaleing Pokemon Black and White to 3D is not impossible. Most of the game is 3D simulated already.

The in battle Pokemon sprites would have to each have a new 3D character model made, if they used the original sprites it would look like paper cut outs having a battles with each other.

If they wanted to be lazy beesters they could rip most of the 3D Pokemon models from older home console Pokemon games. But I hope they don't.

Black and White for the 3DS is not only possible, but likely. Of course, this is after they've sold the DS version of Black and White. So they make 2x the profit when people buy the same game with improved graphics.
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User Info: fire_starter05

7 years ago#8
Only if they put open world fighting for the Pokemon battles, similar to the dragonballz budokai tenkaichi games. I think the ability to strategize during the fight about how to use the environment to your advantage would be a great way to do a Pokemon game. Although this is better suited to a home console than a handheld.
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User Info: DarkKirby2500

7 years ago#9
Getting off topic here but...

I have wanted a huge overhaul of the Pokemon game for a long time. I LOVE Pokemon, more then most people, but the battle system it utilizes is boring (it has BARELY changed since Red/Blue), full of balance problems (too many Pokemon are WAY better then most of the others, on purpose, not counting legendaries), repetitive (encouraged by balance problems) on multiple levels, IV system impossible to manipulate reasonably without hacking (were talking months of constant work for 1 Pokemon with 3 IVs at 31, IF YOU'RE LUCKY), and many other things I don't feel like naming.

The single player needs to stop being the exact same journey with different graphics.

I know Gamefreak is scared of messing with the formula that has made them so much money and gained them so much fame, but as someone who's played every game in the series I'm REALLY tired of playing the same game over and over with slightly different graphics. It doesn't help that being 100% time stop turn based essentially makes the game very slow paced.

Pokemon games have SO MUCH potential for an amazing story (time and space pokemon that demonstarte their abilities by just going off like a common Nuke?), but the developers pretty much quit trying after making the new Pokemon, which I realize is hard already, but the story is horrendously boring to go through for anyone who's played 1 other Pokemon game before. If they fail stories get Chunsoft (Pokemon Dungeon series) to help you! Taking hints from Pokemon mystery dungeon, and even the anime, STOP MAKING POKEMON 100% idiotically innocent animals that have no mind of their own EVER! They story would be infinitely more interesting if Pokemon were capable of having their own motives and agendas! Example, Kyogre consciously WANTS to flood the world, he thinks it will be better that way, and that's why you have to stop it. Not the stupid "it can't control itself".

Sorry for huge rant, as you can tell, and I have said, I'm quite passionate about Pokemon.
The only fool bigger than the person who knows it all is the person who argues with him.

User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#10
I wanted this since I 1st played stadium...
Black & white seem to be inching toward that.
Maybe like, 4 gens from now They'll finally do that.
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  3. I hope a fully 3D Pokemon comes out for this eventually.

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