3DS, Kinetic or Move

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User Info: CarryinDubbs

7 years ago#31
I dont think anyone here knows what the move is. Also so much box hate why? bah... 3DS>Kinect>Move(far far away)
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User Info: sockesocke

7 years ago#32

User Info: slacker03150

7 years ago#33
I'm going to have to go with the move. Although I would agree the move had a much better showing at E3.

From what I know of the move it's just a wiimote for the PS3. I don't see it bringing in the casuals the Wii gets and I don't see too many of it's fanbase wanting to use a wiimote to play ps3 games.

Kinetic on the other hand is new and different. There are possibilities there that could set it apart from the other 2. Get it a game that could be the next rock band and people will pay for it.

User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#34
hmm ps remote or skittles
ill go with move for blant ripoff
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User Info: MageofBlood391

7 years ago#35
Smart ninja-type dude.

User Info: strife14467

7 years ago#36
"It's Kinect, not Kinetic."

OOPS! I just cut and pasted the word from TC's post. It's all your fault TC, lol jk!

I'd like to add reasons I can see for the Move and 3DS to fail.

For the Move, lots of people don't seem to like the Wii controllers (I'm not a big fan of them) so I don't see any reason those people would like the Move. I would rather just use a controller and I know a lot of other people feel the same way, and I can see that being a big reason for the Move to fail. Most people don't want to wear themselves out playing a videogame, most people want to sit back and relax while they enjoy their games. Right now the way I see it Move is just another Wii controller, and even if it is more polished I don't think that (or the PS3's graphics) would be enough to make it any different.

I think the biggest problem for the 3DS is the same problem all the recent Nintendo systems have had. Most people will view it as a "kiddy" system, and that it isn't mature enough. Even though recent Nintendo systems have had mature titles, some people still just think of them as a kids company. Nintendo just has the reputation for being kid oriented and I think that will be the main thing that will hurt the 3DS. Also, the people that didn't like the DS most likely aren't going to like the 3DS. I doubt the better graphics and other new features will make the people who hate the DS want a 3DS.
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#37
Personally, I don't think any of them will "flop" per say. I just think that apart from the 3DS they have very limited market appeal.

Kinect has the potential to facilitate a lot of imaginative and interesting casual games, but unless they can somehow combine it with traditional control scehemes, we won't be able to see any traditional/hardcore games on it. They might employ it for token features in more hardcore games, such as head tracking in racing games or shooters. But unless they can find a way to let us hold a controller without it tracking it as part of our body, it will remain largely the purview or casual games and interactive toys.

Move overcomes that to a degree because of the navigator controller. But the overall lack of precision seemingly inherent in all motion control systems (at least so far this gen) still seems to be an issue.

Combine that with the price of both (especially if you don't have a Playstation Eye already, which many don't,) and you have a somewhat hefty monetary investment in exchange for almost exclusively casual games with (in my opinion) imprecise controls and a lot of on rails or stationary action.

With the 3DS on the other hand, I get to play my old DS games, I get some classics I've wanted to see redone for ages now (I'm looking at you Ocarina and Star Fox 64,) the inevitable Pokemon 3D game in all likelihood, and a familiar, traditional interface.

If I had to pick a "loser," I'd want to say Kinect, but as an Xbox owner I have learned to never bet against the Microsoft marketing machine (whether that's a good thing or a bad thing.) So I don't know who is most likely to "lose," but I feel that the 3DS has the broadest and deepest market appeal. Nintendo handhelds always sell like hotcakes.

User Info: Ki_cat_

7 years ago#38
I wouldn't hate on the things if they had actual games I like. If the 3DS plans to launch with the current titles I will have to wait to see what games can be developed.
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EnderOfEternity49 7 years ago#39
If anyone at all thinks that the 3DS will fail in any way they are fooling themselves.
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