Confirmed: The 3DS can record videos in 3D!

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User Info: Jarinmack

7 years ago#1

look around the 6:30 mark.
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User Info: PSI_Ground

7 years ago#2
Petition to get Medarot DS localized!

User Info: Ki_cat_

7 years ago#3
Cool I guess...Why aren't we getting much news on future games? I could care less about multimedia crap and I don't plan on playing online any time soon unless some game grabs my attention with that.
People are afraid of what they don't understand.

User Info: Six_ES

7 years ago#4
They had a really rough tech demo at E3 that took 3D pictures, don't see why it wouldn't do 3D video as well.
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#5
ohh the possibilities
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User Info: LinkofHyrule991

7 years ago#6
3D pornos inc
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User Info: Amareus

7 years ago#7
I love this system more and more every day.

User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#8
^Dammit I was gonna make a porn joke!
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User Info: Sneakers

7 years ago#9
Oh man, that's cool. Didn't know about that.
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