HOLY GOD!!! WHAT IF IT COST only $179.99!!?!!

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  3. HOLY GOD!!! WHAT IF IT COST only $179.99!!?!!

User Info: sackboypwnsall

7 years ago#1
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User Info: ffdgh

7 years ago#2
do want.DO WANT
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User Info: Empiror

7 years ago#3
If it did...I'm sold...forever
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User Info: MasterOtenko

7 years ago#4
Makes sense, doesn't it? The DS was only $150 at launch.
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User Info: lbakinbaconl

7 years ago#5
wow, nintendo ftw?
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User Info: Ki_cat_

7 years ago#6
It'd still cpst me $250 because I'd want a game and taxes D:.
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User Info: No1etter

7 years ago#7
less than an XL?


User Info: PSI_Ground

7 years ago#8
I was gonna buy it regardless.
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User Info: Krootahn

7 years ago#9
Wait a minute.. Why would it cost 179 USD and at the same time 179 euros... It would cost something like 20 dollars more in Europe.

User Info: xXdarkXshadowXx

7 years ago#10
Notice the "estimated price".
This comes from an unknown source, so I wouldn't be so happy right now.
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  3. HOLY GOD!!! WHAT IF IT COST only $179.99!!?!!

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