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User Info: steveasdadf

7 years ago#1
So we've all seen the release list that included three SMT games, including an entry in the Persona series. Given Atlus' reluctance to develop for the HD systems, the high adoption rate of the DS that seems sure to transfer over to the 3DS, as well as the system's ability to pull off 128-bit style visuals with added shaders and texturing techniques, it seems like the 3DS could be the most logical home for Persona 5. Even if the game on the release turns out to be a port, remake or spin-off, it could still be a means of building the Persona fanbase on the platform before unveiling a true sequel.

How would you guys feel about playing Persona 5 on the 3DS?

User Info: Secret_starfall

7 years ago#2
Sure, but I'd prefer a remake...

Bring on the P3 and P4 for 3DS!

User Info: cactuar_green

7 years ago#3
Well I bought a PS3 just because Atlus announced it back in the day for the console, and there aren't any signs of it being in any stage of development, but if P5 mantains at least an 85% of their PS2 counterparts quality I would be happy as hell, because I am buying a 3DS as soon as it comes out and I love everything that has SMT on it.
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User Info: Lelouch71

7 years ago#4
Bring on the P3

Hell no. That game been getting too much loving as it is. Bring on P2 with both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment. Most likely it will be a P1 port from the PSP with some minor improvement.

Anyway unless it turns out to be a P2 3DS I'm interested in the possible SMT1 being remade with hopefully Strange Journey gameplay mechanics.
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User Info: Fallen_Syn

7 years ago#5

It'd be crazy but I doubt it

User Info: ChronoReverse

7 years ago#6
I'm already getting a 3DS, so P5 would simply be a game I'd have to get as well =)
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User Info: The_Bones

7 years ago#7
Both Persona 2 games FTW. I really wouldn't mind if they remade them preferably into 1 cartridge though.

User Info: MuertePerro

7 years ago#8
Bring on P2 with both Innocent Sin and Eternal Punishment

This. I'd love to see them do a localization that didn't change everyone's names and helped out the battle system. Plus, I think we can handle the subject matter of Innocent Sin nowadays (it was never that bad, honestly).
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