to those of you who say this will push the psp out of the market

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User Info: Ultima_Buster44

7 years ago#1
did you ever think that when the 3ds is released, the psp will be last gen? Mabey sony might release their own current gen handheld? of course a current gen console will roflstomp last gens.
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User Info: GriefersFTW

7 years ago#2
too bad their PSP GO was an epic failure >_>

User Info: aperture123

7 years ago#3
Sony WILL come back with some 3D or enhanced handheld, maybe even allow some gamers more freedom of the system....

However, it's nothing to worry over. Sony is officially behind in the market, and no amount of copy/paste technology from Microsoft and Nintendo is going to help them at this point. Sadly, this is what they seem to be doing, to at least HOPE to attract more than there annual 2 - 15% of total gamers (factoring in the 'casual gamers', which, while stupid to count, do hold as much influence as the hard-core gamers).
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User Info: astrower

7 years ago#4
All Sony needs to do is add a goddamn second analog nub.
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User Info: AceBandage_Jr

7 years ago#5
People who say the 3DS will push the PSP out of the market are crazy...
The DS did that like 6 years ago.
It's basically just been selling to modders and pirates since then.
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User Info: tirkaro

7 years ago#6
I don't think the PSP will have any Mainstream appeal after this comes out.
The only reason why games are still made for it is because it allows for more modern-ish games to appear on a Handheld. Now that they can do it on a system that will actually sell, there's no real need nor demand for PSP games anymore.

User Info: MuertePerro

7 years ago#7
Geez, guys.

It doesn't matter! None of this competitive BS matters! It's been 5 years, it's time for new stuff!
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User Info: Marsulas

7 years ago#8
PSP has been dead in NA for a very long time. Mostly due to Sony being incredibly dense.
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User Info: smoobee

7 years ago#9
Well im ready for the 3ds AND what ever handheld sony is planning next.... IMO the DS = Awesome. The Psp = Awesome. So having both is an instant win, even if you play one more than the other.
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User Info: aladdin245

7 years ago#10
I forget about about the psp a lot...

I don't even remeber the last time they advertised a game for it.
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  3. to those of you who say this will push the psp out of the market

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