wtf at paper mario boards

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User Info: Ultima_Buster44

7 years ago#1
so many 500 topics
Not only does it suck, but it sucks for 2 AND A HALF HOURS. ~ Choco_hose on The Mist.

User Info: sumweeaboo

7 years ago#2
Apparently there are 500 people there.

User Info: ryan0991

7 years ago#3
Yeah, it's pretty bad over there right now.

So many dumb arguments...
The proper phrase is "couldn't care less". "Could care less" means you care.
Dragonwarriordude 7 years ago#4
Mike: 0045-5942-6733
Pokemon SS

User Info: HeyListen

7 years ago#5
Summary of Board: 500 ____ that ____ / Super Paper Mario is(n't) a Paper Mario game
Watch out!
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User Info: Xavier_On_High

7 years ago#6
The Kingdom Hearts 3D and Metal Gear Solid 3D boards are worse. Not so many posts, but practically every post is a fanboy complaining.
Peacekeeper of the Metroid: Other M Board
To see the faces of our rulers in the light of the shell-fire. So ugly they looked - so stupid.
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