Will the touch screen have multi-touch?

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User Info: Thirsty Monkey

Thirsty Monkey
7 years ago#1
I would hope so. I think Nintendo would make a big mistake leaving this out.
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User Info: Apeman1813

7 years ago#2
What's the point? They're aren't gonna give us two styli and you have to hold the system with one hand anyways.
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User Info: TorchicBlaziken

7 years ago#3
Well, with all these buttons there would have to be a lot of controls in a game for it to need it.

User Info: Thirsty Monkey

Thirsty Monkey
7 years ago#4
You are thinking too narrow-mindedly. The touch screen doesn't necessarily have to be used for controls. Just think of the iPhone and how you can use two fingers to zoom in or out. Multi-touch is useful. Even if it's doesn't get used in a lot of games, it has a lot of potential.
Wii now present Nintendomination through Double Success.

User Info: fire2box

7 years ago#5
multi-touch screen/processing would just make the 3DS cost more and everyone's pretty much agreeing we will see a 200 dollar lauch price point.. or possibly even higher. More then multi-touch I would prefer better outer facing cameras.

User Info: Frostshock

7 years ago#6
Nintendo could add in multi-touch without raising the price. It's everywhere now.

The problem is the DS screen is designed to be used with a stylus whereas phones are meant to have your fingers all over them and are nigh impossible to scratch. That, and I don't want my beautiful DS screen covered in fingerprint smudges.
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User Info: dragonwing629

7 years ago#7
No, but I don't think it's a big deal to be honest.

User Info: baron_von_baron

7 years ago#8
i really hope nintendo put a capacitive touch screen at least, so that i dont have to pull out my stylus even for a simple menu tap and have it respond well
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User Info: L0L_FAQ

7 years ago#9
Don't be daft. I don't care if you think it is useful or not, capacitive screens are unnecessarily sensitive and a multitouch display is UNNECESSARY. Just because a technology EXISTS doesn't mean it HAS to be tacked on (inb43D)
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