What happens at the edge of the screen?

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User Info: PaperSpock

7 years ago#1
I could see this being a bit strange looking, if half the object is popped towards me, but part is not there.
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User Info: MaKd

7 years ago#2
kinda like my wii wii?
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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#3
Edges destroy 3D visuals, especially at movie theaters. Thats why the iMAX theaters are the best way to watch movies because the screen is ridiculously huge. Of course you could always get so close to the screen that you don't see the edges, but it hurts your eyes.

Its funny, I actually put my face right up to the monitor while playing Team Fortress 2 and I could swear I saw the some 3D effects. Pretty awesome but hurts your eyes.
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User Info: HeyListen

7 years ago#4
They're saying it's more of a depth, window-like effect than a popping out effect.

People have used the term "popping out," but apparently that's not the main status.
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User Info: Dialgadude

7 years ago#5
TC, your phrase can be taken way out of context!
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User Info: Sarick_Lyre

7 years ago#6
The edge of the screen is basically the edge of your eyes. The most left and right parts are not actually visible to the other eye. Therefore when you look at it you don't get a 3D effect because only one eye sees it.

So this happens in real life, except that you'd blame your nose for getting in the way.

Anyway you can't refocus at things anyway. So your eyes will be focused on the things they want you to focus more than anything Like right now if I look at something on the right side of the table it's only visible with my right eye and therefore the table kind of ghosts over it in my vision due to my left eye. When I focus on the table corner without moving my eyes I now see a solid image of the table and can see the things behind it except that they're blurry (and jittery) because while my mind doesn't see the ghost image of the table consciously, it is still there. My mind put the two images together and things only visible in the one eye have much less clarity.
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  3. What happens at the edge of the screen?

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