The 3DS "Window" Effect

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User Info: bceagles15

7 years ago#1
Why do people keep insisting that it doesn't pop out at you, but instead is like "looking through a window"?

I mean, I haven't read much concerning it, but I do remember an IGN Editor saying that the device has "very large sweet spots". If it was just like a window, why would it even have sweet spots?

Of course, if you have anything that proves to me that it is only a "window"...?

User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#2
It "pops out" to a degree, but the effect is limited by the size of the screen. Where the light cones coincide with your viewing angle is where the "length" of the effect is limited to, if you will. So you should probably expect it to look like it's "popping out" at you to a degree, but not to the same degree you'd get in a movie theater for example. It will create a great illusion of depth though, which is why some people describe it like looking into a window. Things will have a sense of distance and proportion greater than normal 3D images, in addition to the limited but still apparent "pop out."

User Info: bceagles15

7 years ago#3
Oh, wow, thanks for the answer. GameFaqs never fails to surprise.

User Info: JalapenoPower

7 years ago#4
I think it is an elaborate trap. He's just luring you in to a rickroll.
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User Info: SyntaxBananaZ

7 years ago#5
It can have "pop out" effects if the programmers decided to have something pop out.

Think of it like this. You look out the window like a 3DS. Then out of no where, a bird flies into the window because they do that. HUZZAH! Pop out effects!
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