So according to a Japanese news source....

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User Info: Evil_Gogeta

7 years ago#1
Known as Nikkei, you will be able to insert a game cartridge, Install it onto the 3DS`s Internal Memory and you wont need the Cartridge to play.
When you want to play a new game, you would`nt need to swap cartridges in order to do so, just go to the menu and choose the game.

Now i have some gripes about this; so basically you could buy a game, put it onto the internal memory and then sell the cartridge and still be able to play the game.
You could also borrow games from friends, put it onto the Internal Memory, then give the game back to your friend.

Japanese 3DS news:;p=9694E3EAE3E0E0E2E2EBE0E4E2E7

English Translation:

So what are your views on this?
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User Info: PlatinumAce

7 years ago#2
sorta old news. but yeah those problems are what confuses me about the feature.

i for one think itll play out one of two ways:
1. each cartridge can only be installed to ONE 3DS. though this has flaws when it comes to used/rented games.
2. it'll be like the 360. you can install the game to get faster processing and such, but to play the game the cartridge must still be in the 3DS.
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User Info: killer_chaos

7 years ago#3
It won't happen. Nintendo needs something called money, and this theory the Japanese have about the 3DS doesn't align with Nintendo's needs for money. Every game company needs money, anyway.
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User Info: Evil_Gogeta

7 years ago#4
Sorry about that, just been following what I`ve heard here.
Apparently, it wont be like an 360/PS3 thing where you need the cartridge, literally says you wont need the cartridge at all. I can see you may need a cartridge in the slot, but if so they just buy 1 game and rent loads of others.

They probably wont allow the 3DS games to be rented by some means I guess.
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User Info: sontendofan

7 years ago#5
Or maybe you can send the data back into the Cartridge, and you have to do this so that you're allowed to return a rented game or sell it used.
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User Info: Darkriku666

7 years ago#6
I imagine that the cartridge won't work on another 3ds if it's data has been installed.

For returns / trade-ins I imagine that there would be a 3ds behind the counter to test the game, doesn't play, than no take backs.
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#7
I imagine there will be one-time-use codes built into each cart or something which will render it un-installable on another 3DS.

User Info: maaaatty

7 years ago#8
I like this. I don't care for swapping carts with friends (I hate when they keep "forgetting" and you don't get it back for like a year or what's worse is when they drop off the face of the planet.) and I don't like carrying around games. I'm stoked.
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User Info: Ghosty392

7 years ago#9
I hate this idea, and not because of the obvious problems with borrowing games/buying used.

Say your 3DS breaks and you need to get a new one. Looks like you need to buy every game again.
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User Info: robinhoek

7 years ago#10
Wouldn't used games just lose the ability to install? Making them exactly how they are now...
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