So according to a Japanese news source....

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User Info: SS2Matt

7 years ago#21
Well flash cards will undoubtedly come out for it, so in a sense the news is true.

User Info: cadmaster

7 years ago#22
One time use cartridge won't work. If your 3DS failed, then what happen? You have to repurchased all your games again. Sorry Nintendo, you haven't proof to us that we can transfer DSi content to new DSi XL or Wiiware to another Wii.
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User Info: MizuhoChama

7 years ago#23
The only way I can see this working is some sort of online registration thing to your specific 3DS, the way they do friend codes.

Have the cartridge in, install it, have it authenticate on the Nintendo server, change the EEPROM of the cartridge to not allow further installations, unless the 3DS it's inserted in can access the Nintendo server and can see that it can be installed again, due to being deactivated or deleted on the original 3DS.
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User Info: ThatPutzpieGuy

7 years ago#24

From: Ghosty392 | #009
Say your 3DS breaks and you need to get a new one. Looks like you need to buy every game again.

Just keep your cartridge <_<

User Info: andydark

7 years ago#25
I had thought it simply installed things like a bark/tag/mingle mode.

IE you put in The World Ends With You and install the ability to mingle.

Or Nintendogs and bark mode (Whatever that does)

And Animal Crossing and tag mode (Whatever that does)

And then you play Super Mario 64 DS as you go for a walk or something else ridiculous. And walk by other people who have similar tag/bark/mingle enabled and stuff happens. HURRAY.
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#26
Is everyone forgetting that DS carts contain flash memory or eeproms for saving data?

Here's how it could work. Each cartridge has a unique code in its flash memory or eeprom. Upon installing the game, you are prompted to create a password. That unique password is stored on the cart. Now no one but you can use that cart, or reinstall it on another 3DS.

If your 3DS breaks, provided you still have the cart, you and YOU ALONE can reinstall it by entering the password.

User Info: adampeltz

7 years ago#27
I think the option isn't to install off the cart. I think you may be able to purchase the cart or download with nintendo points if I had to guess (like games on demand).

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User Info: PSI_Ground

7 years ago#28
IIRC in japan it's illegal to re-sell a game. It even says so on the back of the box.
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