Anti-hacking / piracy is going to be amazing on the 3DS

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User Info: kenio8187

7 years ago#61

From: psoesm | Posted: 6/21/2010 9:14:49 AM | #060
they got carts working with the dsi. thats about it. Theres only a handful of DSi games and they never bothered with those. the demand isnt there. I dont know enough about the go

That's what I meant about the DSi, I would consider using a cart to be hacking it. It's like using a chip to hack a PS2.
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User Info: Darkriku666

7 years ago#62
I give the 3DS 3Days before it gets hacked.

I see wut u did there
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User Info: godplaysSNES

7 years ago#63
I had alot of fun with Warcraft Tower Defense, more than with many DS games

But I can see one aspect helping against piracy is that the games will be larger than on the DS...If the average game is between 1-2GB, I can see that the costs for storage would be much more expensive

It will be hacked eventually, and then there will be second and third generation flashcarts after that
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User Info: kenio8187

7 years ago#64
Wouldn't it be awesome if Nintendo secretly released their own hack early on just to get people to buy 3DS's (having it hacked does increase sales). Then after like 4-5 months, they release a patch that disables the hack.
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User Info: Smokeybear18

7 years ago#65

From: NormalCat | #005
Did a bit of research into homebrew DS games, apparently they were all terrible.

Y'know, there's a reason they can't sell these things...

The only good homebrew was FE6, and that was because the Big N has been stupid and only released certain Fire Emblem games in the US.
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User Info: psoesm

7 years ago#66

From: relsoft | #037
Not all flash cart users are playing pirated games. Some of us use the flashcarts to install applications like media players, text readers, calculators, etc.

As for me, I mainly use it to code my homedrews. And coding (a fast) game for the DS requires really good knowledge. The DS has a lot of limitations which makes it harder to do what you would like to do (slow processor speed, absence of FPU, low memory, etc). Unlike the PC which is easy to code games in.

where did you start with programming?I want to do it as a hobby and got a c++ book, but I know thats upper level stuff.

User Info: Board_hunter567

7 years ago#67
Also the r4 is dead stop talking about it.

Tee hee.

Also, you can never stop piracy. Only delay it.
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