Remember how bad the original DS looked?

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User Info: BdowDELL222

7 years ago#21
remember how bad the pre-release/E3 2004 DS looked like?!

User Info: I_am_Aaron

7 years ago#22
The 3DS kind of looks like a combined version of the DS Phat and DS Lite. It has the angles of the Phat in a Lite package. That beings said even though Nintendo has announced that it is not the final design, I doubt very much will change in time of its release.

Unless the change is as drastic as the original DS to the release of the Phat. If that happens hopefully Nintendo ditches their first "Phat" type design and skips ahead to what there revision would look like... wait, it's Nintendo they would never do that. Oh well, I'll still buy it at launch.

User Info: samimckee

7 years ago#23
I've had a lite for about 2 years now. Everything else just feels awkward. :l
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User Info: SideC_H87

7 years ago#24
Yea I liked the big DS brick. I'm super clumsy and I dropped it sooooo many times...never broke though!
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User Info: stealsfromhobos

7 years ago#25
My launch DS is just now going bad (Shoulder buttons not responding, screen full of scratches) and it's the perfect time to buy a 3DS for me.
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User Info: Mobile_Tree

7 years ago#26
I liked the first ds because how durable it was, but i didn't really like how it looked. when i got a lite, i dropped it once, and it cracked along the space where the top screen connects to the bottom. a few days later, the whole side of the screen was hanging loose, until basicaly the entire thing fell apart. I got another one new, but in about a month, both l and r buttuns didn't work and i couldn't fix it. my dsi seems to be much more durable though and i think it looks better than the previous 2 regardless of how well it fits into my hands

User Info: evil_aizen

7 years ago#27
hmm, the DSlite? weak? hmmm..., I've dropped mine in a parking lot, a hard wood floor, a sidewalk, down a flight of stairs, and thrown the thing at a wall, and it hardly has a scratch... on the other hand, maybe mine is an exception.. but from what I've heard the phat is more resilient than a cockroach....

My DS was open when the hinge broke. The hinge on the Lite is weaker than the original DS's hinge. I really hope the 3ds's hinge is better.
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User Info: FewButCrazy

7 years ago#28
I still think that the first DS is fine.
Every system revision has advertised this % lighter and this % smaller.
I think this is somewhat unessecary.
I have a phat and a slim.
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User Info: pigzigaccount_3

7 years ago#29
show some respect

User Info: GameMaster14GM

7 years ago#30
your not supposed to hold a ds lit like a baby, use your finger tips to hold it and have em stretched, not cradling the ds thats how i play and i got no problems at all, esp since the ds lite is lighter than ds phatphat.. anyways my ds phat was, well, i gave it to my cuz with mario 64 for her bday after i got the ds lite. she was pleased, and i personly loved the mushy buttons..
i always wonder what Nintendo does with the prototypes of the DS's at E3 2004. i woulda preferred it over the ds phat.
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