The 3DS is no Iphone

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User Info: TheRedneck14

7 years ago#21
Apple made it, nuff said.
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User Info: therealdeal360

7 years ago#22
In all seriousness, I made the topic simply because the biggest criticism I've read about the 3DS online is usually about Nintendo not learning from Apple and the Iphone starting to dominate the portable market and the like, as if the iphone/ipod touch was suddenly the holy grail of gaming, even if 90% of the games for it are nothing but shovelware

Tis be what Steve Jobs tries to tell himself is true when he goes to sleep.

User Info: Intervenient

7 years ago#23
Apple made it, nuff said

Oh so you haven't. Failed argument, thanks for playing though.
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User Info: iLLsteeze

7 years ago#24
he's being sarcastic

User Info: jurrasicbark

7 years ago#25
[This message was deleted at the request of a moderator or administrator]
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