Back in my day we were just plain amazed by this thing

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User Info: Intervenient

7 years ago#1
Not whining about if it will suit my hand preferences!

Anyone here from the original DS board back in 2004? Crazy stuff
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User Info: MizuhoChama

7 years ago#2
Back in my day, we didn't know this thing existed.
Om nom nom
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User Info: Vamphaery

7 years ago#3
ITT: more complaining about complaining.

User Info: slipknot41uk

7 years ago#4
I sometimes went on the DS board before this account. Lost my old one in the merge >_<
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User Info: Sirian_Hawk

7 years ago#5
Damn punk kids thinking they're old! Why, back in my day "the net" was something you used to catch fish.
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User Info: Beck225

7 years ago#6
Back in my day we had a barrel and if we were good, we could use a tire!
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User Info: Nitharad

7 years ago#7
you youngsters with your 3D , back in my day we were happy to have a black and green pixel mess where you have to use ... you know, your imagination ... those were the days, I tell you *talks like an old man*

But I can't wait for the 3Ds :D

User Info: marina84

7 years ago#8
Even pea soup was a step up from what we used to have way back in the day - remember the LCD handhelds and their five frames of 'animation?"

Kids these days. :P

Now git off my lawn, you youngsters! *goes back to sleep*

User Info: osboes

7 years ago#9
Still remember me ol' fat gameboy. I was amazed at the time I could even play a portable system in my hands. That was way before colour, 3D games (in both sense of the word), duels screens, and decent sound. Still fond of it in a nostalgic kind of way. Just can't part with it, as too my aging gameboy advance and DSlite.

User Info: pigzigaccount_3

7 years ago#10
remember the original psp vs ds topics where it was all about big screen vs two screens
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