Back in my day we were just plain amazed by this thing

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User Info: Maximothelad

7 years ago#11
back in my day, TIGER HANDHELDS WERE COOL! haah Gameboy was amazing! lol

User Info: cha_fan1

7 years ago#12
I love my Looney Tunes Tiger handheld. >:-(
"I'm 19, and I'm only trying to help you by correcting your opinion." - PhaseBlack

User Info: TVthePunisher

7 years ago#13
Back in my day...*goes into an amazingly long rant that ends up in all of you sleeping*...well I guess I win then, but I'll do you youngians a favor...reference to yer pop culture and those Pokeman's or whatnot...*draws on everybody's face with a marker* JiggyPoof or JaggyBilly...****fire I can't remember the name of it, god damn it!

*pops in mid-post* Away from here, older-personality! Go back to your retirement home! I'm posting, not you! LEAVE!

Allllrighty, back in MY day we had good cartoons! Cartoon Network wasn't dominated by non-cartoons at late-night that make you want to puke! At least Netflix has the good old cartoons (Angry Beavers, Rocko's Modern Life, Hey Arnold...) on streaming for my sons to watch so they don't have to endure Flapjack and...that little purple dork, they can watch Spongebob and the PBS shows but's 90's cartoons baby, nothing nowadays!

And then there were those games, whenever Sony wasn't represented by a disgruntled child trying to act tough! Ah the big old gray gameboy that Microsoft couldn't edit out of their port of Banjo-Kazooie on the Xbox Live Arcade...that was featured in so many glorious shows and movies of the 90's, that could probably kill a man if you used it right! And then that Sega Genesis controller that put this scar right next to my left eye thanks to my now soon-to-be mother of two sister when she was pissed at me during our childhood!

BACK IN MY DAY WE WROTE NAMES ON OUR CARTRIDGES! And we played Jurassic Park with a game genie cause we sucked at it and never actually beat the original Super Mario Bros. but punched a kid in the face cause he thought Super Mario 64 was an abomination. By the way did I mention I suplexed a guy for dissing Nintendo? Right on the concrete steps =D I miss elementary school...

And all in all I grew up as a non-fanboy that likes all gaming because...Gaming is Good, we Are the Gamers, and every other word said in that rehearsed Kevin Butler speech that was actually kind of humerous because I have to laugh at him otherwise my best friend will stop providing me access codes to free stuff- AND THAT'S ENOUGH OF THOSE RUN-ON SENTENCES =D
Some people just deserve to die, it's up to the individual to deliver that justice. Me, I embraced the right...can you embrace it, let go of morality?
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