To all lefty complainers out there

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User Info: FF4Fan1313

7 years ago#1
Shut up, and this is coming from a lefty myself. Nintendo can't just flip the interface and be done with it,the insides of the 3DS make that impossible. They would have to rewire the entire system and that takes resources, more than what they are willing to give up for such a small minority. If you ask me, I don't think I would buy the lefty one anyway if it did come out; having the analog/D-pad on the right side is just plain awkward, although I still did manage on the Wii. And admit it, we ARE in a minority. Take the time you have now and get used to holding the stylus in your right hand. Remember when we had to get used to holding pencils in Pre-K, yeah, we have to go through that again. Start with something large, like the XL's large stylus, and then work your way down. Really, it's not that hard. I started only a week ago and while I'm no pro, I probably wouldn't suck if I had to play a game righty. So stop your whining and *****ing and get used to it before it does come out and you do suck.

tl:dr - coming from a lefty myself, lefty whiners should stop complaining and get used to playing righty, using the time they have now to avoid sucking when the 3DS comes out.

Who is this 'Nuff and why does he say all these things?
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User Info: vidalmoraza

7 years ago#2
I`m lefty and I dunno what the problem is, I been playing since the NES era without any problem, I guess they need somethng to complain
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User Info: Smokeybear18

7 years ago#3
True. Most game controllers are made with a right-handed person in mind.
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User Info: VegetaD

7 years ago#4
I don't see what the big problem is myself, I'm a lefty as well. I think all these people complaining out there are taking it out of proportion. I never had any problems with the DS and I don't think any will start with the 3DS.

User Info: Baby Kirby

Baby Kirby
7 years ago#5
It's the use of analog stick and the stylus at the same time that has them worried.

A joystick in your dominant hand, and buttons on your non dominant hand is different than a joystick in your dominant hand and the stylus in your non dominant hand.

For FPS game and such. Possible solution is stylus for movement and analog sticks for looking, since movement may be able to take the accuracy hit from a non dominant hand.

Other consoles (not even the DS which gave lefties four buttons and the touch screen, and the righties the dpad and the touch screen ) didn't have this problem.

THAT is complaint. It didn't exist for consoles since NES. Not left handed but I understand the feelings of unease.
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User Info: VegetaD

7 years ago#6
I don't think they're stupid, they can find a way to make this work. If it didn't work I don't think they would add an analog stick in the first place. I think there's a possibility that they won't even work the FPS games the same way as the old DS. It really shouldn't be a big deal but some are making it out to be the end of the world, I don't think anybody should be judging the way this will work until we actually have the chance to hold it in our hands and play it first hand.

User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#7
I don't think lefties have been asking for a left-handed version along with a right-handed version... >_> And this thread is basically the same argument that I've seen in all the other left vs. right threads: suck it up.

Lefties absolutely have a right to complain, though, since they are the consumers that Nintendo should be satisfying. That's how business works. If this ends up being a problem, then it should be brought to attention to the point at which Nintendo must change its plans or risk losing customers.
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User Info: Mobile_Tree

7 years ago#8
Lefties have a right voice their opinions to nitendo, but really nintendo will probably do nothing about it because a large majority of people are right handed and over half of the lefties will probably adapt to the right handed controls. Those that don't, while they have a right to be angry, are a small minority and therefore Nintendo will not want to spend money to appease them because reworking the entire system would cost more money than would be gained from those few people. So really, the only way to get Nintendo to change would be for more left handedbabies to be born, so that they would make up a larger portion of the 3DS users.

User Info: jbut200

7 years ago#9
ffFan, you have a ways to go to learn about the real world and business modeling. Its ok, we can let it slide this time.

Its not that lefties are complaining for no reason, they have a valid point. I am lefty, and I am not comfortable holding the stylus in my right hand. This is like a teacher giving you a timed essay and forcing you to write with your opposite hand, because when you play games precision and speed will be needed. Nintendo, as a leading company, must try its absolute hardest to please ALL of its buyers. Is this possible? No, but they can still try, and the lefty minority is not that small of a minority, they still account for a large percentage of Nintendo product owners.

So please, lefties, do not stop complaining, you have a right to complain, and anyone else who tells you to suck it up, ask how they would feel about the situation if it were the opposite way?

This is like the religious situation in our country....the non-believers make up a larger percentage than blacks and hispanics and other minorities, yet they get no special treatment like those other groups...its bogus, having to pledge the allegiance to god and every politician doing this for god with god, thanking god, etc....

User Info: yabo

7 years ago#10
Someone mods their 3DS to change analogue to left side and d-pad too.
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