How much do graphics and multimedia influence you?

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User Info: Bro_Rabbit

7 years ago#11
Yeah, more important than the graphical capabilities is the increased processing power that will allow for more complex games that weren't possible on the DS or even the PSP.

User Info: hypermoe

7 years ago#12
not that much.

I could careless about graphics i mean ya they look nice, but i rather play a game that i can play, Not just look at.

and multimedia is a joke. its just there to bump up the price. I have never used the camera,music/sound file or anything on my dsi except for the games. the internet broswer is a joke since you can rarely go on any sites.
i mean come on why put a cheap mp3 player when most people already have some type of mp3 player?
Why have a camera/internet when most phones already have it AND does a better job with it?
And dont give me that "so i can have it all in one pocket" since you are going to be using it then complain that the batteries are almost out and cant play your games.

I miss when video game system were just that: Video game systems nothing more nothing less.
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User Info: eli2112

7 years ago#13
The games are the most important thing, and if you don't have enough with kid icarus, resident evil and metal gear solid at LAUNCH then I don't know what will you wait for. Graphics are cool and it seems important to developers when deciding to launch games for a system and that's the importance I think they have, but I could care less, I still play NES, SNES and PC classics because of the fun, graphics are a gimmick.

Multimedia like mp3 players and internet browser are totally unnecessary. On the other hand, I think they could make pretty clever stuff in games with the cameras, mic, motion sensor and even with the 3D effect (games like professor layton are bound to blow our minds).

I'll definitely buy it, no matter what.

User Info: godplaysSNES

7 years ago#14
Good graphics are nice, but not totally necessary...I doubt I would have played Crysis though if it wasn't because of the graphics

Multimedia is interesting, but not important...If I were considering a new device, but the 3DS had a passable one built-in, it would probably weigh in the 3DS' favor
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User Info: Terotrous

7 years ago#15
Not much. By virtue of this being a Nintendo handheld, I was guaranteed to buy it. Had that not been the case, it'd come down to the game library.
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User Info: Intervenient

7 years ago#16
Multimedia: none
Graphics: depends how they are rendered. There's a lot of good games that were ruined for me because of choppy pixelization.
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User Info: Monkeymascot

7 years ago#17
I think taking 3D pictures will be cool, but it's not like it affects my decision to buy it or not.

User Info: Smokeybear18

7 years ago#18
I just love Nintendo handhelds, and the 3DS looks amazing. It's like the original DS, only with a MUCH better line-up of games at launch.
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User Info: omescythe

7 years ago#19
multimedia stuff its more of a nice bonus then something i requiere. better graphic power is nice but it comes down to the games. i am worried about what futur games we get on ds. for me nintendo franchies have been the only good games on their system with the rare third part game. for graphics there realy two styles the nintendo sort of cartoonic sytle and sony/MS more realistic sci fi. as of right now i bee waiting to see what other games 3Ds has to offer and if i wait long enought a better version of 3Ds will be realse not to long after 3DS is released.
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