I think the 3DS looks great and even though I have mixed feelings...

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User Info: EvilLHK

7 years ago#1
On the DS just cause, I think it has stolen alot of great games(mainly JRPG's) from consoles into gimmicky spinoff's for the DS but, the 3DS basically is doing everything I wanted. It has a bigger screen, it looks like it isn't enforcing the stylus as much which gets gimmicky and tiring sometimes, and graphics got a much needed upgrade cause the DS along with the screensize since it had some limits with the content it could present. One thing though...people are exaggerating like crazy with the graphics. The graphics are nice for sure but, the PSP blows it out of the water in that area. The PSP looks better than the PS2. Some people are even saying the 3DS is on par with the PS3 and 360...I mean fanboyism is getting kinda ridiculous.

User Info: pocchama1996

7 years ago#2
ummm the 3DS IS better than the psp in terms of graphics ... and games .... and control .... and according to most rumors online too ... so pretty much everything is better on 3ds and just imagine taking pictures of a girls chest and getting to see them in 3D (sorry if i offended any "females")
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User Info: Sitheltzon

7 years ago#3
While I might agree with you that 3DS = PS360 is exaggerated, PSP > 3DS, can not see that happening.

Compare the screenshots of MGS3D to any of the PSP games. It will always be equal or better than that of PSP's. And if you add in the 3D effect of the games on 3DS, 3DS > PSP.

To be fair though, PSP is an old handheld and 3DS is a new one.

User Info: L0L_FAQ

7 years ago#4
You are either a troll or sadly misinformed.

Compare any PS2 game with it's PSP counterpart and come back. Secondly, to put PSP and 3DS graphics into perspective:

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User Info: GameMaster14GM

7 years ago#5
[This message was deleted at the request of the original poster]

User Info: GameMaster14GM

7 years ago#6
TC must open his eyes to compare visuals. this is a LAUNCH title also so i cant wait to see the 3ds 2-3 years from now. def on par or better than wii, behind ps3,360.

take a look at the headband, the hair is more natural. etcetcetcetc...
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User Info: TediousMatt

7 years ago#7
TC = Concern Troll


Nobody who actually played the thing is saying that it rivals the PS3 and 360 in terms of graphics. Besides, name one PSP game that has better graphics that actually shows a decent amount of characters/graphics on screen without resorting to extreme/frequent load times or gamebreaking lag.

The thing is just better than the competition (that has been out for years, so big whoop) at this moment. Sony could always just make a better PSP. It's not like the PSP is amazing technology, it could have been better at the time (at a higher price, so less sales). :|
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User Info: SnoochNumber2

7 years ago#8

From: EvilLHK | #001
The PSP looks better than the PS2.

Not really. The hardware itself is capable of producing graphics somewhere between the PS1 and PS2, but closer to the PS1 for the most part. A few games, mostly Square-Enix titles like Dissidia Final Fantasy and Crisis Core look like they could be PS2 games, but you have to consider the resolution they are running at . If you were to take those games and blow them up onto a 40" screen, they'd look pretty terrible.

It seems to be a general consensus so far that the 3DS is capable of graphics around the Gamecube/Wii level, which is pretty damn impressive for a handheld, especially one that plays games in 3D.
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