A Smash Bros. for 3DS would be awesome post here for character select(fan based)

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User Info: BurgerTime79

7 years ago#31
This is why companies shouldn't listen to their "fans". We don't need 3rd party characters in a Smash Bros game, and no, just because Mega Man or Sora has appeared in a game on a Nintendo system, it doesn't make them Nintendo characters.
There's some group doing a DS Smash Bros fan game, and what a surprise, it's got almost the entire cast of Sonic in it, famous non Nintendo characters up the you know what, The girl from that last Castlevania DS game, and Kratos.

Fans writing character rosters for Smash Bros is like wearing your hat sideways and lightly on your head. You're doing it wrong.
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User Info: Meltdown1988

7 years ago#32
Does it get cold up there on your sky-high throne, your highness?

Way to show a lack of nuance. There's a whole lot of difference between someone wanting Mega Man in (third party but a ton of history with Nintendo) or the entire Sonic cast. You act like we all can't think straight, you arse.

If we're just going to stick to first party Nintendo characters with zero flexibility the series would get stale very quickly in that department, because Nintendo hasn't made a new (useable) franchise since Pikmin. This doesn't mean Kratos should get a spot and I actually thought Sonic and Snake felt totally out of place in Brawl. However, Mega Man or Simon Belmont would be perfectly fine. It just depends on the character, its historical status and its affiliation with Nintendo.
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User Info: Chronoman17

7 years ago#33
I always thought it would be interesting to bring in the Ouendan. They could have Ryuuta and (if they allow clones) Hayato (Ryuuta is the leader of the original Ouendan, Hayato is the leader of the Encouraging Nobility Ouendan). Ryuuta would be a heavy, somewhat slow, but stronger character and, if they allow clones, Hayato could be a faster, slightly lighter and somewhat less powerful fighter. If they did Final Smashes again, then they could do a Combo Fire, where they'd cheer and the fire would rise about two thirds of the way up the stage (yes, completely engulfing Final Destination), dealing continuous damage to those caught in it.
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User Info: sheik__freak

7 years ago#34
In spirit of the upcoming Resident Evil game, Resident Evil: Revelations, I think it'd be awesome to have some Resident Evil characters, if only Jill and Chris... Or even Wesker.

User Info: Mario_Bones

7 years ago#35
I'd be happy with the Brawl roster, but with clones made more original or removed, and then these characters added:
-Byrne (LoZ)
-Professor Layton
-Saki Amamiya (Sin and Punishment)
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#36
01 Mario(64)
02 Luigi(64)
03 Yoshi(64)
04 Donkey Kong(64)
05 Link(64)
06 Pikachu(64)
07 Jigglypuff(64)
08 Kirby(64)
09 Samus/Zero Suit Samus(64/B)
10 Ness(64)
11 Fox(64)
12 Captain Falcon(64)
13 Peach(M)
14 Bowser(M)
15 Zelda/Sheik(M)
16 Ganondorf(M)
17 Marth(M)
18 Mr. Game & Watch(M)
19 Ice Climbers(M)
20 Falco(M)
21 Diddy Kong(B)
22 King Dedede(B)
23 Meta Knight(B)
24 Pit(B)
25 Wario(B)
26 Vaati
27 New Golden Sun Hero
28 Three Other
29 Handheld
30 Franchise Characters
(I sacrificed Pokemon Trainer and Olimar for size reason, Snake and Sonic for non Nintendo, also I leave out Brawl clones and ROB and Lucario as I want only 25 returning. Oh and sorry Ike)

User Info: marchefelix

7 years ago#37
We'd end up with less characters than Brawl
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#38
And there's less space then the Brawl Disk in a 3DS cart. Thirty is a good number. But if someone really wants Lucario and Ike back it could work.

User Info: Meltdown1988

7 years ago#39
I've actually deliberately cut my roster down to 27 for balancing reasons. Brawl had too many characters to sustain a healthy amount of it.
Here lies bones. My bones. Your bones. Bone's bones. Bone bone bone.
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