Some relatively obscure games should be ported.

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  3. Some relatively obscure games should be ported.

User Info: Timohtep

7 years ago#1
Games such as:
Croc 2

Any other relatively obscure games that anyone can think of?
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User Info: Intervenient

7 years ago#2
I was going to say no ports...but I loved Croc
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User Info: Wetterdew

7 years ago#3
I remember Croc. It was probably my first PC game ever. Though I don't think it was very good, it has a lot of memories. I don't think I need it ported, though.
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User Info: Klonoa_Fan1994

7 years ago#4
Not sure if people would consider this as obscure but I want

Jet Grind/Set Radio or Future for the 3DS with the ability to draw my own graffities with the touch screen.

User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#5
Super Robot Taisen OG Saga Endless Frontier should get a new title on 3DS. Imagine, awesome effects, giant robots, and boobs! IN 3D
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  3. Some relatively obscure games should be ported.

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