Is anyone planning to play with 3D turned off?

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  3. Is anyone planning to play with 3D turned off?

User Info: AlphaWhelp

7 years ago#1
I was just wondering if anyone was actually going to play this with 3D turned off. I guess I would really only ever do it if I had someone watching me play over my shoulder, but I was more wondering if there is anyone who is just going to play with it off all the time.
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User Info: Timohtep

7 years ago#2
Probably not.
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User Info: TheDarkNerd

7 years ago#3
Depends on if the 3D is worth turning on for that game.

User Info: Intervenient

7 years ago#4
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User Info: ohh42

7 years ago#5
Depends on my sitting position, if I'm in a moving vehicle, etc.
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User Info: TheRedneck14

7 years ago#6
It depends on how my eyes handle the 3D when I try it out.
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User Info: KogaSteelfang

7 years ago#7
I'll probably turn it off.
Not much actual point to it.
After a while you will have seen it all already.

Probably just switch it on during cutscenes and boss fighgts maybe.
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User Info: helldew

7 years ago#8
i personally dont know how much i will care for it

User Info: SS2Matt

7 years ago#9
Nah it's all for the experience.

I'll only switch it off if it's hurting my eyes or something.

User Info: Smokeybear18

7 years ago#10
Nah, I'll leave it on for the sex appeal.
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  3. Is anyone planning to play with 3D turned off?

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