With all the 3rd party titles, name one series/game you'd like to see.

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  3. With all the 3rd party titles, name one series/game you'd like to see.

User Info: Teranova310

7 years ago#51
Grand theft Auto: San Andreas
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User Info: fire_starter05

7 years ago#52
"Phantasy Star Online Episode 1, 2, & 4" I've wanted this to be done on the Wii for so long, maybe the 3DS will provide the much wanted port to a newer console that supports online.

...don't ask what happened to 3 because the concept sounded so terrible that I didn't even bother trying them. As for Universe those ones are fun but I still miss PSO so much.
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User Info: MrBanballow

7 years ago#53
Well, seeing as how there aren't any screens yet, I would still like to see the new BloodRayne.
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User Info: AkaneJones

7 years ago#54
>Odin Sphere, or a new 2D title from Vanillaware.
I like where this is going but throw in an actually remake of Princess Crown, one that uses new code so they can actually translate the thing, and we're good.

User Info: Marcx629

7 years ago#55

Is a fun game. But to go on topic, I'd like:
Spyro(Like the older ones. The newer ones are just crap)
Crash Bandicoot.


User Info: cactuar_green

7 years ago#56
Jajaja 3D Contra is the most "proved wrong" idea ever, even more than Castlevania. Only if it's a remake / port of the first two NES games, a 2D game that somehow uses the depth effect to some extent, or a title with strictly 2D gameplay, but there was even a Contra that used glasses to give a 3D effect, and that was a complete failure.
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User Info: cactuar_green

7 years ago#57
On Topic: Maybe a really good Silent Hill, or a Fatal Frame as a previous poster said.
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User Info: HighOnFire81

7 years ago#58
I wish the okamiden DS game was being made for the 3DS. A Vanillaware game would be nice as well.
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  3. With all the 3rd party titles, name one series/game you'd like to see.

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